Tips on how to be a travel writer and sell your stories

Coming from a fellow travel blogger, i’ve got to give kepnes (also known as nomadic matt) props for his new york times bestselling book how to travel the world on $50 a day. Matt knows what he’s talking about, and it shows as much in this book as it does on his blog. He goes into detail on how he’s stayed on the move for so long on a shoestring budget, with tips and tricks coming to life through relatable stories. Also seeping through the pages is a heavy dose of modesty, a necessity when venturing off the beaten path abroad.

These travel writing courses and networking opportunities will get you started and give you the confidence to succeed as a travel writer. Consider:

  • will you learn how to write good
  • travel stories?
  • will it teach you how to pitch and sell?
  • is the trainer a travel writer?

Here’s another airline publication that accept submissions from travel writers. Westjet magazine’s stories range from insider travel tips to local cuisine and tourist hot-spots. They are always looking for unique stories about little-known destinations and articles that examine how social trends impact travel. Westjet magazine accepts pitches via email and work with long lead times of at least six months. This means that if you’re story is accepted, you may not see it published within that time frame.

Expert tips for getting started in travel writing

Westminster, colorado, united states about blog travel writing is an amazing profession. We interview travel writing experts and offer tips from travel editors and successful travel writers. Frequency 1 post / day since dec 2017 blog goworldtravel. Com/category/t. Facebook fans 5. 1k ⋅ twitter followers 3. 4k ⋅ social engagement 69 ⋅ domain authority 49 ⋅ view latest posts ⋅ get email contact.

“travel writing” can apply to a lot of different types of online content. For instance hotels which want to promote their location through blog posts will often identify as being part of the “travel” industry. In these cases a freelancer really only needs to be an expert on that location and particularly that hotel. Travel writing can also mean writing which deals with tips and tricks on traveling well, as opposed to simply traveling to a certain destination. Finding good airfare rates, stress free traveling with children, making long car trips more exciting are all examples of “travel” writing with no particular destination in mind.

As i am writing more, i am reading more, too. I have talked about the importance of reading in my 27 tips for beginner writers , too. But i am not only talking about reading, i am emphasizing that reading as a writer is one of the most important practices for any writer. When i started reading travel blogs, i was overwhelmed by their sheer number. But i realized i could finish only some of those blogs end to end. The rest were either boring or too short or long or just talking about how the writer enjoyed the place and was unrelatable or didn’t give enough information, and i can go on(no offense to anyone for i am only giving my honest feedback).

Make a living while traveling as a lifestyle

With over a decade living, breathing and working as a travel and lifestyle journalist, lindsay tigar’s works have appeared in a number of prestigious media giants, including travel + leisure, vogue, and usa today. Lindsay writes with her unique perspective and a healthy dose of creativity… beautifully complemented with a unique focus on imagery—which is what really caught my eye. As a traveling millennial, lindsay publishes great content documenting her travels, and industry-specific articles covering the narrow beats.

Here are some actionable steps we’ve compiled so you can embark on your journey towards becoming a paid travel writer.

Want to be a travel writer? then prepare to be loathed. The idea that someone goes to exotic places for free – and then gets paid to write about them – is too much for many to take. “you’ll never convince friends you are going abroad to work,” explains freelance travel writer liz edwards. “they’ll make constant reference to your ‘holidays’. ”.

Social media groups, specifically on facebook, are awesome places to find full-time travel writer jobs. I recommend joining a few freelancer groups, blogging groups, and travel groups. Relevant questions, observations, and advice in these groups and, if the group
rules allow, let the group know that you’re looking for travel writing
opportunities. Additionally,
keep an eye on people posting ads for travel writers, or for writers in an.

Start a website. Once you have an idea for what you want to write on and how it’s best to build a site as an online base. You should keep all of your writings, photographs, and links to social media on your blog. You should also have a mini-bio about yourself, a small itinerary about past and future travels, and maybe a picture of you. This site will act as a portfolio for you when you want to get published, so the more content you have on it, the better.

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