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Registering your corporate website to an SEO directory is an essential step to promote your products, services or brand on the web. E-shops, B2B or B2C service providers, self-entrepreneurs, craftsmen or hospitality professionals: many sectors of activity are concerned by this method allowing, among other things, to generate traffic to its site, and to optimize its ranking on search engines.

In order for it to be as efficient and as profitable as possible in relation to the time devoted to it, it is still necessary for this task to observe some elementary rules. Here are some tips and tricks for getting started in referencing your website on directories and, to avoid some frequent mistakes. With all the web link the deals come easy now.

Choose an SEO directory for your professional website

  • Give priority to directories offering “hard” back links
  • Privilege directories on high PageRank
  • Focus on thematic directories
  • To know before referencing your site on a directory
  • Non-exhaustive list of SEO directories for professionals
  • Thematic Directories
  • General directories open to professionals
  • Geographic Directory
  • Our tips on the same subject
  • Choose an SEO directory for your professional website

If you own a website “showcase” of your professional activities, or if you start in e-commerce, register your website on a “referencing directory” is a must for:

  • Increase natural referencing of your website on search engines.
  • Be visible on an external thematic directory (an external section of the directory), which users consult to find sites that correspond to their interests.
  • As there are hundreds of French-speaking SEO directories, it is often necessary to carry out qualitative targeting. Directories offering back links “hard” and those with a PageRank are preferred.
  • Give priority to directories offering “hard” back links
  • When you register your website with a directory, it will generate a link that points to the URL of the site you provided. This link (backlink) can help improve the SEO of your website on search engines.
  • But backlinks can be coded in different ways.
  • We oppose the so-called “hard” links that link directly to the page of your site-and which are the most “Google Friendly” – links with redirection, which insert code (eg to obtain statistical data on links clicked) that may affect the referencing of the landing page URL (yours).
  • It is therefore preferable to choose directories offering links “hard”. Generally, this mention is visible on their homepage.

Privilege directories on high PageRank

PageRank (PR) is an analytics algorithm used by Google to determine the order of search results based on a keyword query. Each website is assigned a PR ranging from 0 to 10. To appear in a directory which has a high PageRank has two advantages:

    • A query by keywords on Google will more easily lead to the page of your website which is indexed on this directory.
  • The link (hard) provided by this directory that points to your website will be interpreted as qualitative, which will improve the SEO of your own website.

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